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Published: February 12, 2019

Stages of Prostate Cancer and How to Avoid Them

Prostate Cancer Staging

Any type of cancer usually develops in a sequence of stages. Prostate cancers also undergo these stages. It is very important to know the prostate cancer staging to get immediate, proper treatment.

There are 4 stages of cancer. These 4 stages of prostate cancer will tell on how cancer progresses or how this has spread in the prostate. Here are the four prostate cancer staging.


Stage 1

In this stage the cancer is already in the prostate. The cancer on this stage cannot yet be seen in a scanning machine. The gleason score of this is low. Gleason score is used to evaluate how severe or mild the cancer is at a certain stage. This is also used to be able to know how the cancer cells are organized in the prostate.  Healthy cells are given low gleason score. Cells that look like aggressive have higher gleason score. Score begins with 6 up to 10.


Stage 2

At this stage the cancer remains in the prostate. Still the cancer cannot be seen by a scanning tool or DRE. However on this stage the cancer has already developed. Stage 2 prostate cancer is grouped in two, 2a and 2b. The gleason score of 2 a is 6, which means cancerous cells are still there in to a lobe of the prostate. 2b is where cancer cells are classified in either lobes, or the cells in each lobe has a gleason score 0f 8 or higher.



At this stage the cancer has already spread outside the prostate. The cells start to exist into other tissues. It is possible that it can spread to the seminal vesicles. Seminal vesicles are glands that release up to 60% of the fluid found in semen. The other 40% is from the prostate and bulbourethal glands.



On this stage the cancer has already scattered to the lymph nodes, bones, lungs, or other organs. At this stage the cancer is already severe. Individuals who have stage 4 prostate cancer has a low percent of survival. While the probability of a 5-year-survival rate is high on stage 1, 2 and 3, on stage 4 it is very low. If the rate of survival in five years in stage 1,2 and 3 is 100%, in stage 4 it is measly 29%.


If your prostate disease has already become a cancer, you need to see your doctor from time to time. Only doctors and only in urology clinics can determine what stage your prostate cancer belongs.

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