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Published: February 5, 2019

Physical Activities that Could Damage Your Prostate

Although physical activities like exercise is good for your prostate, too much of it can be bad. There are also physical activities apart from too much exercise that could damage your prostate. Here they are:


Cycling or Biking

Cycling Could Damage Your Prostate


Riding a bike for a long time can be damaging to your prostate because sitting too long on bike’s saddle can make your prostate stagnant, and the heat comes out from pedaling while your butt and stomach near the pelvis sits around are pressured. This can cause irritate to your prostate.

However, if you cannot prevent doing this exercise, perhaps you’re a cyclist, you can continue riding your bike as long as you have a sophisticated seat or saddle. It should be soft or has lots of padding. This will let the blood flow run smoothly into your groin and penis.


Too much masturbating or sex


Too much of sex is never good. Although no sex at all is also not advisable. Both can be bad for prostate. So moderation is the key. Make love to your partner moderately, perhaps three times a week. Masturbate only twice a week. Also when you have more than one partner, always practice safe sex. Use condom.



Cooking Could Damage Your Prostate


Cooking also is not good for your prostate as the heat can spoil up the reproductive fluid in the prostate area. Moderate to cold weather is adequate temperature for the prostate as it normalizes the fluid. Too much heat is not good, much more a forced heat like staying long hours in the kitchen’s heat from the stove’s fire.


Drinking alcohol in excess

Drinking Alcohol Could Damage Your Prostate


While wine and beer have some benefits especially to a man’s cardiovascular health, drinking too much in long term can lead to some diseases, prostatitis and prostate cancer are no exemption.

Studies show that although drinking beer or wine has no back up proof that it can cause prostate disease, results show that men who drink alcohol have prostate disease in later life compared to those who do not. So what’s the verdict? It is important to consume only little. A drink or two can suffice a celebration.



Driving Could Damage Your Prostate


Driving is an activity that requires sitting for long periods of time, especially in long drive. Since sitting for long time can cause pressure to the groin and penis area can prevent good blood flow to the prostate area, it is not good for your prostate. When you bend your knees and rest your butt on a seat, it can stop the continuous blood flow in the groin area. Thus, it is not good for the prostate.


Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting Could Damage Your Prostate


Carrying heavy objects, especially when your bladder is full with water, is never recommended. Lifting weights such as dumb bells or bar bells can lead to prostate disease. When you bladder is full or when pressured the bladder near the prostate area can lead to bacterial infection and inflammation. Thus, it can affect the prostate and other areas near it. Weightlifting should not be especially for men age 40 and above.

For more information on how to have a healthy lifestyle for a healthy prostate, check out our Prostate Health page.

If you already have a prostate disease, talk to us immediately. Book an appointment here.

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