Peace of mind for all men above the age of 40. Men's health screening can save lives and help you live a fruitful and active life

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Men’s Health Screening is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle for all men above the age of 40. Not only does a regular health check mean early detection of potential health problems, it can offer peace of mind that you’re leading a healthy life every day. During the health check up the specialist doctor will conduct a thorough medical check and record your family history. You are advised to bring along any prescriptions or medications which you are currently on. Feel free to discuss any symptoms, discomforts, past history of urological issues or ailments or mention them in the message here

The UROHEAL Men's Health Screening

The UROHEAL Men’s Health Screening is designed as a preventive screening test for all men above the age of 40. During this screening we undertake a focused 1-2-1 approach with a trained medical practitioner to check for any unidentified threats to your well being which if identified at the early stages can be highly advantageous in the control & treatment of the ailments. The results are available within a short period of time and in the case of a significant finding, the treatment can be commenced almost immediately

What's included in UROHEAL Men's Health Screening Program


A consultation followed by a physical examination by a medical practitioner specialising in Men's Health

Haematology Profile

Based on the initial discussions your medical advisor will suggest you all appropriate investigations

Prostate Screening

Prostate Cancer is one of the most common cancer in men all over the world. A Prostate screening can save lives by early diagnosis of prostate cancer through a screening process

Cardiac Function Tests

Several cases of sexual disorders are linked to cardiac ailments. Hence it is necessary to eliminate any possibility of cardiac diseases at the onset

Hormone Screening

Hormone screening (including thyroid function test, testosterone, Estrogen, LH, FSH, Prolactin, Cortisol and vitamin D)

Analysis of Reports

Detailed discussion on the reports and course of action to in case treatment is required. Suggestive lifestyle changes needed for high risk patients

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About Dr. Datesh Daneshwar

A man on a mission to fight against the social stigma against men’s sexual health for over 2 decades

Dr. Datesh Daneshwar Urosurgeon

Imagine a successful man, a loving husband; a caring father, god forbid if he develops a heart condition, he immediately gets the full support and sympathy of his family and friends. However, if the same person develops urological issues, he has to deal with it completely by himself for the fear of being labeled an ‘impotent’ or ‘sexually-incompetent’ person. This is so unfair, especially in today’s day and age, when we are denouncing every social stigma and challenging them in every field. Nobody should suffer in SILENCE

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