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Dr. Datesh Daneshwar

Dr. Datesh Daneshwar

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Getting up to pee at night

Getting up to pee at night can be a symptom of something more sinister

Do you get up couple of times to pee at night? Though it might seem like a normal thing to most of us, it can be an indication that something might not be quite right. Scientific research shows that peeing at night is not normal. Our bodies have been designed to hold on to the urge to pee at night and a normal human being should not be getting up night to pee.

The body produces only 1/3rd of the urine output while we are sleeping as compared to while we are awake, making it a natural thing for people not to feel the urgency to pee while we are at sleep. This is the body’s natural mechanism to help us get 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. When we get up a couple of times to pee at night, our bodies do not get the compete rest that each one of us deserve. This can give rise to other problems like fatigue, lack of concentration at work and sleepiness during the day.

So why do we get up to pee at night?

Some of the reasons can be quite simple and can be tackled with just lifestyle changes – like not drinking excessive amount of water just before going to bed, limiting the amount of caffeine consumption or alcohol consumption at night. Other causes can be due to the fact that some of us have a smaller urinary bladder or an overactive bladder, which prevents them to hold adequate amounts of urine. However in most cases the causes of getting up to pee at night can be a signal that our body is telling us about a more sinister issue which we should not ignore.

Uncontrolled diabetes

This is one of the most common reasons why we get up to pee at night. In many cases, diabetes can go unnoticed for years, as it does not affect our normal functioning drastically. Uncontrolled diabetes can be a major health concern as if not treated early can give rise to multiple ailments like kidney disorders, frequent urinary tract infections and cardio vascular issues emanating from obesity and high blood pressure.

Prostate issues

Prostrate issues like prostatitis or enlarged prostrate can lead to frequent urination at night. This is a very common ailment affecting more than 8% of males at some point of their lives. Common symptoms include pain in the groin, abdomen and the back area, cloudy urine, blood in the urine, frequent urination, urgent need to urinate especially at night. If left untreated, prostatitis can lead to major complications like urinary infections and prostatic abscess which can even be life threatening.

Spinal & Neurological Problems

Spinal disorders or injury can also lead to bladder dysfunction. When there is a spinal disorder or an injury the nerves that regulate our urinary bladder can get affected leading to multiple urinary disorders and uncontrolled urge to urinate especially at night. This chronic problem needs to be sorted out as it can also lead to various other problems.

Can I have cancer?

Though, we are all very concerned about the “Big C” these days and rightly so, it is not one of the major causes of peeing at night. Most of time, it is due to the other causes listed above. Hence, worrying too much about cancer is also not needed. The best way to deal with the issue to consult a doctor and get it sorted.


When to see a doctor?

We all deserve a full night’s sleep and getting up to pee at night should not be a way of life. Consult a doctor if you are getting up at night to pee. It’s that simple. Most of the time by changing your lifestyle it can be sorted out and can make a major difference in your daily life. We must remember that getting up to pee at night is not normal. It should not happen. The faster we report this to a doctor – the faster it can be checked and in case there are any underlying ailments, it can be treated immediately.

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