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Published: June 17, 2019

Cycling And Sitting - It might be hurting more than you thought

Do you have prostatitis? The answer is probably yes! Based on literature we know 50% of men will suffer from prostatitis at some point in their life times. In my practice I believe the incidence is probably higher!

Why is this so. Well the answer is prolonged sitting.

When a man sits, he sits on his prostate gland. This puts pressure on the prostate, which, over time, can cause irritation.

Look at your average 24hours. 8 hours sleep maybe 2 hours of walking and exercise. The rest 14 hours at least is spent sitting. Sitting at the breakfast table, sitting in the car/public transport, sitting in the office at your desk, meetings, seminars,sitting at the local bar etc etc.

Cycling is great exercise for you, but it can lead to repetitive trauma to your prostate. Riding a bike can cause irritation to the prostate, which can lead to chronic prostatitis or chronic pain similar to chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). Cycling can also negatively affect your fertility.

Shockwave therapy.

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