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Men's Health - Common Ailments & Treatments

Modern medicine allows us to access multiple treatment options today. From robotic surgery to shock wave therapy, to the most effective medicines – there are a huge array of urological treatment options available to doctors to help their patients. Patients no longer have to rely on unscientific and unproven methods to get treated especially when it comes to urological ailments & sexual disorders

Being aware of the common ailments and the treatment options available to us can help us discuss our issues much more constructively with our healthcare providers and get treated faster and more effectively. Kindly browse our content prepared to make us all aware of the common health issues men face and the treatments available to cure them in this section

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

This is a non cancerous condition where your prostate enlarges in size and results in urinary problems which include a slow flow, irritation to pass urine all the time, dribbling at the end of urination etc. This is NOT a normal ageing disorder you have to live with and can have significant adverse effects on your quality of life, sexual health, general well being and over all health. There are many solutions to this many of which don’t even require surgery or long term medications. Just talk about it!

Urinary Incontinence

You only were supposed to have incontinance s a new born. There is no reason whatsoever you should live with incontinance if you have a choice. the reasons could be very simple like a irritable prostate or a irritable baller which can be cured with simple treatments. Sometimes this is just a consequence of a weak pelvic floor and now with the advances in urology science, you may have therapy to help tighten theses muscles with out needing surgery. Take home point is incontinence is not an acceptable disability!

Prostate Cancer

Only men have prostates thus not surprising this is a very common cancer in men. The good news is that it is usually very slow growing and we have a fairly accurate screening protocol to help you detect this early so that it can be cured. Prostate cancer is a curable disease if caught at an early stage. It is also one of the few rare cancers that can be managed without any treatment depending on your game, disease stage etc. If you are above 50 there is no reason why this should not be part of your health screen

Bladder Cancer

Commoner in me then in women and can be a very difficult cancer to manage if not detected early. Gross bleeding in the urine or pain is a late sign and the earliest indication is microscopic blood in the urine. If you are a male, above 40, smoke and have family history of cancer then you could be at risk!

Chronic Prostatitis and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome remain  very common yet poorly understood diseases with hardly any solid therapeutic options based on level 1 evidence.
It affects around 50% of men throughout their lifetime and can cause urinary and erectile dysfunction if left untreated affecting their quality of life. Currently, there is a lack of guidelines for the management of CPPS. 


Treatment options have remained the same for many years with no new non invasive therapy offered in most parts of the world. Treatment centre around the 3A concept which means that doctors will try either using one or all 3 of the A’S which are medications. The A’s are Analgesia(Pain killers), Antibiotics and Alpha blockers(muscle relaxants for prostate smooth muscles). Depending on the clinical assessment and your symptoms you will be categorised broadly into inflammatory or non inflammatory prostatitis and the medication cocktail is then decided. Along with this treatment you may be offered a prostatic massage which can be very unpleasant.

Chronic pelvic pain is a clinical condition that results from the complex interactions of physiological and psychological factors and has a direct impact on the social, marital and professional lives of men and women.

Kidney & Ureteral Stones

Theses are very common in this part of the world likely due to the food we eat and the weather. There are a leading cause of kidney failure if not treated promptly.

Very few types of stones can be treated with mediations alone and your doctor will advise you if thats possible or not. Most of the time the stones need to be removed either using invasive or non invasive techniques.


This term means that you have blood in the urine. the blood may be seen (visible) or not seen(non visible) with the naked eye.

The key point is if there’re any associated symptoms especially pan. Having blood in the urine whether little or a lot is not normal and can be an indication of avery series urological disease. Especially if there is no symptom we refer to this as asymptomatic hematuria and this warrants a set series of tests to rule out the 4% change of having a urological cancer in the your urinary system.

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