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When it comes to urological ailments or sexual disorders, men are less open to seek medical care at the onset. This is due to various factors linked to lack of awareness, social stigma, and the belief that men’s health is age related. At UROHEAL, are committed to change this and make urological issues in men more mainstream – leading to faster diagnosis and better treatment 

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What We Men Ought To Do

Make Men’s Health Screening a part of our regular medical check ups
Be open and frank about any symptoms and seek medical assistance immediately
Keep ourselves updated on the common urological ailments and treatments available

Men's Health Screenings Can Save Lives & Help You Live An Active, Fulfilling Life

Men's Health Screening

Just like we go for a regular checkups for our heart, blood pressure, diabetes etc. we need to check for urological health regularly; especially when we are above 40 years of age. This can prevent complications later and help us to lead a normal, active and fulfilling life as we grow older. Men’s Health Screening can save lives

Men’s urological problems mainly stem from health conditions around prostate cancer, prostatitis, testicular cancer and low testosterone. In addition to these men can suffer from other health issues like erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation or kidney related issues like stones as well as infections or sexually transmitted diseases. Many of these health conditions can remain dormant and not show symptoms immediately. Hence it is important for men above the age of 40 to go for regular men’s health checkups and screening even if they do not see any symptoms

Knowledge is Strength

We need to keep ourselves updated on the common ailments and diseases which can affect us. By knowing about them and the treatment options available to all of us we would be in a better position to cope, if we ever get affected. At UROHEAL we are continuously encouraging our patients and the society at large to keep themselves updated on Men’s Health

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About Dr. Datesh Daneshwar

A man on a mission to fight against the social stigma against men’s sexual health for over 2 decades

Dr. Datesh Daneshwar Urosurgeon

Imagine a successful man, a loving husband; a caring father, god forbid if he develops a heart condition, he immediately gets the full support and sympathy of his family and friends. However, if the same person develops urological issues, he has to deal with it completely by himself for the fear of being labeled an ‘impotent’ or ‘sexually-incompetent’ person. This is so unfair, especially in today’s day and age, when we are denouncing every social stigma and challenging them in every field. Nobody should suffer in SILENCE

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